Does Jana Kramer have a new boyfriend? All Signs That He’s Moving On

Jana Kramer seems to start the New Year on a romantic note.

Fans of the past A Hill of Trees The star is convinced he is going on from her divorce on Mike Cassuin with the new man.

In recent weeks, Jana, 38, has shared photos and videos of a man named Jan., who describes himself online as a “female father” who is “not an athlete.”

Earlier this week, the Nashville resident shared a photo on Instagram Stories where he hugged Jana near a snowman. And on Jan. 4, the pair shared outtakes from their attempts to make a TikTok video together.

Upon further investigation, the couple appeared to have been hanging for several weeks. On Christmas Day, Ian shared the photo from his motorcycle after he drove Jana to town.

And fans speculated that the pair might be enjoying a trip to Florida in early December. On December 7, Jana documented her stay at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. “Take a minute to reflect on the last days of peace and the pursuit of happiness,” he said. WRITES.

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