Drew Barrymore reacts to Hugh Grant calling her singing “Horrendous”

Mic drop!

Drew Barrymore responding to Hugh GrantThe criticism of his voice through the song.

the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor the Thieves The actor was recently asked if he actually sang in their 2007 rom-com Music and Lyrics. And in between singing the praises of auto-tune, he took a moment to comment on his co-star’s musical prowess.

“Yeah I’m good, but I’m auto-tuned beyond belief,” Grant said while answering internet searches in a video for WIREDThe Autocomplete Interview March 13. “Actually that’s not true. I’m auto-tuned a little bit but not like everybody else. Drew Barrymore is in that movie with me, and I don’t think she thinks I’m going to say her singing is just terrible. . I’ve heard dogs bark better than he sings.”

He added, “But saying that, when they tuned him up, he sounded better than me because he had heart and voice and Rock ‘n’ Roll while I was like Julie Andrews and I intend to be kind of Rock ‘n’ Roll too.”

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