Dumbledore’s Best Decisions In The Cup Of Fire

In all that Harry Potter franchise, as if Dumbledore made his worst decisions ever Harry Potter and the Cup of Fire – starting with the decision to allow Harry to compete in the tournament! This decision often seems incomprehensible – after setting up Age Line himself, and with as much power as he has, Dumbledore is likely to release Harry in some way … but allowed he has him to compete!

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Worse decision except, though, Dumbledore continues to be the wise old leader that fans are accustomed to at this stage in Harry Potter franchise. He’s made some good decisions this school year – even if not everyone has good results, and if some don’t make it from books to movies.

5 Hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Even if this clearly went wrong, leading to the death of Cedric Diggory and the return of Voldemort, Dumbledore’s original decision to host the Triwizard Tournament a good one. The purpose of the tournament was to create magical cooperation, and it was definitely a positive concept, especially if Dumbledore knew Voldemort could come back.

It works, too, to an extent. Fleur and Bill met through the Tournament, later married and became important members of the Order of the Phoenix. Krum also made connections with Hermione, and it was because he was at Fleur and Bill’s wedding that the Golden Trio knew the Deathly Hallows story.

4 Hire Dobby And Winky At Hogwarts

Unfortunately, this arc of the story doesn’t make it from books to movies, but in the original series, Dumbledore hired these House Elves in Hogwarts kitchens. Dobby, of course, is a fan-favorite of books and movies, but Winky is only in the books, where he is the humiliated House Elf of the Crouch family.

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Hiring these elves was a good decision by Dumbledore for more than one reason. First, it provides a very good place for the House Elves that no one else can get – Dobby, because he wants paid, and Winky, because he’s shy (and spends more of his time in drunkenness). For another, though, it remains a close ally of Dobby, and a potential informant close to Winky.


3 Rent Mad-Eye Moody

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody flicking his tongue like a snake in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

True, it doesn’t go well in the end, because the real Mad-Eye is attacked and kidnapped by Barty, who replaces him. However, Dumbledore doesn’t know this (and can’t be blamed for not knowing, because Barty is more convincing!), And it’s a good option, if this is the real Mad-Eye as a Professor!

Moody is a unique Auror, a friend of Dumbledore, and a loyal member of the Order, so he’s a good choice for the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher. Actually, having a retired Auror as professor was a good concept from the start – and Dumbledore can’t be blamed for making a poor choice with it.

2 Give Barty Veritaserum

Split image of Alastor Mad-Eye Moody cursing a spider and Barty Crouch Jr.  talking to Dumbledore in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Finally, Dumbledore finally realizes that Mad-Eye isn’t Mad-Eye when he takes Harry out of Dumbledore at last-and he moves quickly, after that. Veritaserum isn’t a potion that can be used by any light wizard (unless they’re a Dark wizard, that is), so it’s probably not an easy choice for Dumbledore to force it on someone.

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However, his decision to do was to bring all the answers they needed about what happened, why Barty was there, and what Voldemort did. This allowed Dumbledore to support his statements – and if Barty hadn’t been left alone with a Dementor, it would have been enough to convince the Ministry of Voldemort as well!

1 Voldemort’s Return Announced

Lord Voldemort and Wormtail in Harry Potter

When Harry returned, and it was revealed that Voldemort had returned, Dumbledore was the first person to publicly support him – despite the fact that it actually worked against him in many ways, and led to his large share of the Ministry. Dumbledore, however, stood firm, and refused to contradict Harry, or suggest that there might be something wrong.

It was a tough decision for many reasons – starting with the fact that it was the right thing to do! However, more than that, it is what really strengthens the relationship between Harry and Dumbledore, which leads to Harry’s loyalty, and his willingness to sacrifice himself for what Dumbledore wants.

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