Dwayne Johnson posted the Exciting Video of Little Girl Battling Cancer

Dwayne Johnson spent the first couple hours on his birthday bringing joy to a brave young fan and his family.

Rock turned 49 on Sunday, May 2. Early in the morning, he recorded and posted an exciting message for the 4-year-old. Indy Llew Jones, who is battling cancer. Dwayne shared his Instagram a clip of himself singing his character Maui song “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana as a child, a big fan of the movie.

The actor’s post is a response to a video lip-synching Indy Alessia CaraThe version of Moana’s signature song “How Far I’ll Go,” starring her mother, the Salt Lake City -based influencer Terah Jones, shared last week on his own page.

“Swipe left – it’s 1am and I sent this beautiful vid to a MORE special & strong little girl named Indy Llew,” Dwayne, a father of three daughters, wrote on Instagram. “Stay strong dear and keep singing your songs! Love you, MAUI.”

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