Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin Reveal Their Dream of Sin Healing

There is no place like home!

As the summer season approaches, Country Bachelorthe Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin want to make sure their southern California home is perfect.

With the help of the interior designer Brooke Spreckman, ang Bachelor of Paradise the couple was able to change their sin and create a space where everyone would hope for an invitation.

“Sin is like walking down my Pinterest board, but it doesn’t feel formal!” Exclusively shared by Hannah on E! News. “We love opening the large living room doors to the outdoor patio and catching the killer sunset in San Diego (with the wine).”

After creating a vision of a “comfortable Californian meeting contemporary European” space, Hana believes she has accomplished her purpose. As for Dylan, she was even more impressed with her fiancé’s skill.

“I realized how much Hana loves a routine and putting a‘ vibe ’in the house,” the Vizer explained the co-founder of the E! News. “He was the first to turn on the lights and light a candle at any hour.”

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