Easiest DIY Faux Mantle

Nowhere to hang the socks? Do you want a focal point in your sin? But don’t want to tackle a big project or home repair?

We took you.

For about $ 50 a board, you can make your own faux mantle in an afternoon!

It’s an easy new project that doesn’t require fancy tools or a lot of woodworking experience. Just cut and screw, nail boards on the front!

Adaptation Ideas

This is a very quick project to customize. Here are some ideas:

  • Add an interesting back, wooden pallet, shiplap, or a faux stone
  • Use reclaimed wood or scrap wood on front facing pieces for a rustic look that saves money.
  • Add molding below the top for a more elegant look
  • Hooks for socks across the top for easy hanging of socks
  • Try a rustic stain to add a homey feel to the garden in your home

The Real Family Built It-Look and See!

Our social media manager Jennifer built this with her family. Jennifer considers herself a new lumberjack and has very few tools and a basic garage available. Watch him do it in this video:

Are you ready to build it yourself? Follow free plans!

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