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This is a fun simple project with a lot of impact! I love the mix of wood and metal.

Oh did I mention it only took 2 hours from start to finish, a board, an “aluminum angle” rod and a few screws!

Now, it’s really done before this! The first step was to cut my 2 x 12 into 3 pieces of 31 1/2 ”(so I could get three shelves from an 8 foot long board). I gave them a good sanding and stained them.

I used Carrington by RustOleum – it has a little red color, it’s so cute!

Now for the aluminum angle. You can find it at most any hardware store, and it’s expensive –

The aluminum angle is the size of a precut, but my height is 48 “tall, so I decided to cut it in half.

The best way I have found to cut aluminum angles is with a jigsaw with a metal blade.

Just clamp the angle to the aluminum,

And it’s cut like butter!

Easier than cutting wood!

After time add the aluminum angle to the boards.

I put my 3 boards on their side with different saws, set the first piece on the piece of aluminum with a thread and on the tall board.

After I studied aluminum where I wanted to put my own screws,

One on each side of the angle piece.

First I made the top board and then the bottom. I measured and marked the middle part of the angle and placed the center in the middle of the 2 x 12 board and did the same, predrilled and sunk my own tapping screws.

I did the same for all four sides. It’s almost over.

Then I just need to add these sweet casters! I use here 1 1/4 ”self tapping screws.

I turned it over and stood up to applaud.

Amazing! Really amazing what can be done in 2 hours and some materials can be done!

Can I Make It Bigger?

Yes! You can build this project in different sizes. Check out the boasted posts for some inspirations. But keep in mind that the 2×12 can go over about 4 feet before starting to slow down. And as well as tall, there can be a shake – consider adding a flat metal bar on the back to create a structure like the one done here:

quick to build a shelf

Photo submitted by JOSS

Plans to Do This Project

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