Ed Begley Jr. Took Public Transportation to the Oscars

Ed Begley Jr. appeared in hundreds of films and television shows, but when it comes to Oscarsthe Hollywood royal doesn’t ride in a limo — he uses public transportation.

Begley has been an environmentalist since the ’70s, and he avoided driving to the Oscars for several years. This year, the actor was joined by his daughter Hayden, who documented the duo’s journey across Los Angeles to the Academy Awards on a TikTok. The clip shows the 73-year-old Begley riding a bus to a subway station, then exiting the train and walking the rest of the way to the Dolby Theater. The event marked the final day of Hayden Begley’s seven-day pledge to use only public transportation in the city of Los Angeles.

Begley has spent decades working to reduce his carbon footprint. In addition to practicing veganism and using solar panels to power his home, the actor is a long-time supporter of electric cars and has attended several Academy Awards ceremonies via alternative transportation. In 2015, he cycled to the event, cycling through the rain in his tuxedo. Five years later, he drove an electric vehicle at an awards show. Check out her previous rides to the Oscars below.

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