Elden Ring Gameplay Leak Revealed To Steal Art Money

The footage of Elden Ring reportedly came out earlier this week but fans tracked down the beginning of the short clip and confirmed that it wasn’t real.

The gameplay footage this recent arrival is said to be from the most anticipated From the hand ring, but this clip has since been debunked as a hoax. The game is made by FromSoftware in collaboration Game of Thrones Creator George RR Martin, created a perfect team of dreams for a video game. That said, it’s been years since fans heard anything about the game outside of the leaks, much of the usual has been debunked.

A very short, and somewhat uninterested, clip on Elden Ring ancient leak online the previous day showing some surroundings. The clip is a bit suspicious, due to the small size of this subject and very short length. Even given how good the title is and how long it’s been since it was released, fans are understandably desperate, and many are skeptical of the hope that it’s legitimate footage.

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Reddit user Blue_Affinity It was noticed that the video was from 3D freelance artist Jack Phan and was incorrectly transmitted as a real shot from Elden Ring. Unfortunately, this is still another set for the fans. As such, there has been a real leak recently. Elden Ring captured footage a few months ago, reportedly resulted in FromSoftware delaying the actual disclosure of the game. Whether FromSoftware is in the process of planning such a revelation, of course, is unknown, but fans are hopeful.

Little is known about the title, but it has been proven Elden Ring an open world game that could be an evolution of Souls differently popularized by FromSoftware. George RR Martin is also helping to flesh out the world, something that has always been an essentially important thing for fans of Souls games given their deep love. It’s not exactly clear how long it will take Elden Ring ready, but hopefully it won’t take too long.

This has already been explained Elden Ring may be delayed on the inside, but since fans have been waiting like this for so long, it’s probably better to keep waiting a little longer than to get a quick and less ideal game. However, there are a lot of rumors that the game will be showing at E3 2021, and hopefully this will mean the right gameplay to maximize everything until it’s released. If nothing else, this ongoing rush of fake leaks can be stopped. It’s not clear when the game will be released, and COVID-19 may result in a title delay than expected, but hopefully fans will be able to play. Elden Ring for the next year or two.

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Origin: Blue_Affinity / Reddit

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