Elegant Braided Bun Using Hair Donut

Have you ever used a hair donut? It may sound silly, but this braided bun using a hair donut is a great way to add volume to your hair and create a beautiful updo. A simple ponytail turns into a stunning bun that can be done in just 15-minutes but looks so good that you can wear it to any event. It can even be a wedding hairstyle!

hair donut used for braided bun

Bun Using Hair Donut

The first time I heard about a hair donut, I didn’t know what to think. My brain can only see my favorite glazed donut covered in hair. Yuck! However, this little hair accessory is a great addition to your routine. A donut-shaped eye piece, easily layered into a ponytail to create more volume and a beautiful look for your next bun.

I like this idea, but if you want something more casual, check this out low bun hairstyle. It’s fast, easy, and definitely more relaxed, but can be updated to look elegant for any event you’re attending.

blonde girl in black and white shirt with donut bun hair

What Should I Do With This Bun?

Although it doesn’t require a lot of things to do, you need three specific things. A hair tie or tiethe hair donutand bobby pins or hair pins. These items are necessary to get this look and secure your hair in place. Below are a few more things I’ve gone over, but not all are necessary for this tutorial.

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While the items below are not necessary for every hairstyle, or this one, I recommend considering them if you want to start doing more things to your hair. A quality brush and a few accessories are always a good investment for your beauty routine.

Other things I love:

girl black and white polka dot dress with high bun

Braided Bun Tutorial

Before you start making your bun, gather all your tools and then comb your hair to remove any tangles. You can add mousse or gel to your hair before doing this if you want more hold, but it’s not necessary.

Step 1

Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic hair tie. Smooth any flyaways and make sure the hair isn’t hanging loose. Use a thick hair tie for this to hold it on your head. A fresh hair tie is more likely to hold firmly and not let the bun droop down.

blonde girl in black and white shirt with high ponytail

Step 2

Now, slip the hair donut over the ponytail and place it neatly on your head where the ponytail is secured. If desired, secure it to your scalp with some bobby pins, but it’s not necessary.

hair donut placed on top of the ponytail

Step 3

Next, you spread the hair over the donut so that it is completely covered. Simply pull sections of hair up and over the top, sides, and bottom of the donut. Try to spread the hair evenly, but once you are sure, you can arrange more if necessary.

hands tossing hair over donut hair bun

Then secure it with a hair elastic that goes around the base of the donut to hold the smoothed hair in place. Smooth any hair as needed with a comb or finishing spray.

hair hanging around the hair donut

Step 4

Now, divide the hanging hair into two equal sections to create the twisted braids. I like the look of the twist, but if you want, you can do a basic 3-strand braid with two of these sections.

hair is held in two sections on the side of the head

Divide one of these sections into two sections. Now, start twisting them one by one. Twist each section, then place it on itself.

blonde girl with bun twisting hair

Continue to do this until you are at the end of the section, then secure a hair band. Repeat this on the other side of the hair you parted earlier.

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Step 5

Now, you’re going to put these twists around the base of the bun, at the base of the donut. I like to wrap one and secure it with a pin, then wrap the second one in the opposite direction.

twisted braid pulled up and wrapped in a bun

Use bobby pins or hair pins to secure any extra pieces, and then spray with hairspray to keep them in place.

hands tucking the braid under the bun

If desired, add a bow, hairpin with a decorative edge, or a decorative comb to the top or side of your bun.

back of the bun using a hair donut

Tips For Using A Hair Donut For A Bun

If you are not familiar with a hair donut, you can find it in many colors to match your hair color. It usually appears in a blonde, brown, or black color. Although it’s best to get a donut that closely matches your hair color, any color will work if you work the hair hard enough to cover it. Below are some tips to make it easier to use for a bread.

  • Place the hair in the center of the bun, and for added security, add 2 to 3 bobby pins to the donut just behind your scalp to secure it to your head. Keeping it secure before you start styling will make it easier.
  • Once the bun donut is in place, pull your hair from the sides, top, and bottom. The easiest way to get it smooth is to use a comb and comb the hair over.
  • After you pull the hair over the donut, go ahead and secure it with a hair tie around the base. Then, go back and adjust to smooth the hair evenly, remove any bumps, and make sure the entire donut is covered.
  • Add an extra layer of bobby pins to the base once the hair tie has hair in place. This adds extra security as you twist and comb the hair into place.
hair donut bun with twist braids around the base

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