Elimination Executes Masterclass In Genre-Bending Production With Blisting Single, "Mutation"

Eliminate’s beat-changing abilities are on full display with this recent staple of his live sets.

There are many evolutions of eliminate to unpack the inside of his latest barnstorming single, “Mutation.”

It’s been the opening salvo in his DJ sets for months, and now “Mutation” finally arrives via Insomniac’s Bassrush imprint. The genre-bending qualities of this track specifically make it one of the EDM.com Class of 2021 star’s tried-and-true performance weapons.

Eliminate synchronizes the opening wave with the arrangement’s blistering leads for the head-banging audience before making a subtle switch in beat into the second half. The track morphs unexpectedly from the heavy stomp of dubstep drums into a heart-racing 16th note-driven arrangement. It’s hard not to be caught off guard by this single that’s relentless as it accelerates relentlessly to its cathartic finish.

Listen to “Mutation” below.

”Mutation” marks Eliminate’s second consecutive single on Bassrush following his recent collaboration with PEEKABOO, “shortness.”

“I like the idea of ​​calling it ‘Mutation’ because the second drop kind of morphs into a completely different 4×4 feeling,” Eliminate said of the new track. “Both drops are missing from the shows and I’m excited to finally put them on Bassrush.”


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