Elizabeth Corrigan’s Age, Instagram, Occupation, Hometown and More

Elizabeth Corrigan was introduced Monday as a contestant during Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor. He is a real estate agent from Colorado.

Elizabeth Corrigan was one of many women competing for Clayton Echard’s heart The Bachelor season 26. Clayton was rumored to be the lead on the ABC reality series in September when he was spotted filming in his hometown of Eureka, Missouri. Two months later, ABC officially confirmed that Clayton was next Bachelor, and his season will air its premiere episode on January 3, 2022.

The highly anticipated first episode aired last Monday, and fans were shocked and excited about Clayton’s time. Not only was the first episode with two women leaving or disappearing before the first rose ceremony, but a contestant rolled into the mansion in a bathtub wearing a bikini and covered in bubbles. Aside from the first season, the season in and of itself is as juicy as Clayton reportedly telling the three girls that he loves them. Was one of the women Elizabeth?


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Before Elizabeth knew that a contestant in The Bachelor, he is a well -known real estate advisor. According to Elizabeth’s LinkedIn account, he began his real estate career in March 2021 after working in banking for more than seven years. He began his career as a banker in 2014 while working at Wells Fargo. After working there for over two and a half years, Elizabeth began a new position at JPMorgan Chase & Co as a Private Client Banker. The 32-year-old decided to change careers in 2021 and decided to work in real estate. He got his first job as an agent at Thrive Real Estate Group in Denver in 10 months.

In January, Elizabeth, who was with the competition received the first kiss, Teddi Wright, secured a position at another agency, Your Castle Real Estate, where he landed a role as a real estate agent. Aside from his busy career, the Colorado native also has a taste for the better things in life. He said ABC bio, Elizabeth loves wine tasting, traveling and wants to own a more luxurious and luxurious lifestyle. She was looking for a man who was willing to not only be with her but join her long adventures. Although Elizabeth’s Instagram evident in his boujee lifestyle. In 2017, Elizabeth shared a photo of a ruined castle on a trip she took to France. He even likes to regularly visit expensive restaurants with his friends and family.

Now that Elizabeth is gone ready to find love with Clayton, maybe the couple can get away together and go on beautiful, luxurious trips around the world. Clayton seems to be the type of guy who wants to take care of his important other, and Elizabeth seems to fit what he’s looking for.

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The Bachelor air Monday at 8 pm EST on ABC.

Source: Elizabeth Corrigan/ LinkedIn, ABC, Elizabeth Corrigan/ Instagram

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