Elmo changes Meat with Rocco After Old Clips Go Viral

Tensions between Elmo and Rocco the Rock has reached unprecedented levels. After old clips of bitter opponents exploded on Twitter earlier this week, Little Red Menace reigned supreme in the drama.

For the uninitiated, Rocco is Zoe’s pet rock. Zoe and Rocco are best friends – so she takes Rocco everywhere, and hopes everything is the same. play with with his one-sided friendship. But Elmo doesn’t get it. Since 1999, when Rocco first appeared on Sesame Street, Only Elmo realizes that he is, in fact, a rock, and not a man. The gaslighting that followed was disgraceful.

“The rocks can’t play! Rocco didn’t even move! ”Elmo insisted to one clip, when Zoe tries to force Rocco into the group of friend Elmo-Gabi-Zoe. “She is sure! You are too busy to notice! ”Zoe replied.

Elmo, God loved him, kept his cool very well. Until Rocco grabbed his favorite biscuit. The red -haired monster officially lost it other viral clip, after he turned down Gabi’s last oatmeal raisin cookie because Rocco was the first to ask for it. “How is Rocco going to eat that biscuit, Zoe ?,” the Muppet asked, raising his voice. “Tell Elmo! Rocco has no mouth! Rock on Rocco! Rocco is dead! ”

It seems that the new empathy in the Twitterverse for Elmo has aroused some old Muppet anger, because now, he himself is commenting on the controversy.

“Has anyone seen a rock eat a biscuit ?,” Elmo tweet. “Elmo was just curious.”

Despite the shadows, Elmo reassured Sesame Street fans who have no difficult feelings between himself and Zoe. “Don’t worry everyone! Elmo and Zoe practice sharing and best buds still forever! Elmo Zoe loves you! Ha ha ha! ”He said to another Tweet, with a caveat: “Elmo doesn’t want to talk about Rocco.”

Rocco Chronicles is just one of many resurfaced unhinged Elmo clips that have been enjoyed on the Internet recently. From her “Paper towel roll” rap to her Recipes with balsamic vinegar, Elmo’s accent makes everyone wonder why this children’s show is so funny-and if Sesame Street Located in the Bronx in the United States.

We get our serotonin where we can.

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