Elon Musk is celebrating dodging billions in potential damages from a Tesla investor suit

Elon Musk got the victory after a jury decided in his favor on Friday in a Tesla investor lawsuit that could cost him billions of dollars.

A San Francisco jury said Musk did not mislead investors when he tweeted in 2018 that he had ‘funding secured’ to take Tesla private. Investors claim they lost billions because they believed Musk was about to pay a premium for Tesla shares when, in fact, he had no financial means to do so.

“Thank you, the wisdom of the people prevailed! I am deeply appreciative of the jury’s unanimous finding of innocence in the Tesla 420 take-private case,” tweeted Musk, referring to the share price he was allegedly willing to pay for the deal and a number that also doubled as a joke in marijuana.

Musk, which has since been acquired Twitter and spent most of his day at the service thinking about whatever was on his mind, continued his tweeting celebration on Friday by responding to a fellow Twitter user. He expressed shock that a jury in San Francisco, home to a “communist school board,” would side with Musk and that it shows the city has little hope if the “wake mind virus” is eradicated – a topic of Musk’s extreme conservatism. wheelhouse.

“You’re right,” Musk told him before moving on to other topics.

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