Elon Musk Releases Newest Twitter Feature: Movie Piracy

Elon Musk opens a new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers: the ability to upload two-hour videos.

Right in the queue, a verified user takes advantage of the feature by TO UPLOAD the movie Shrek 3 in full. The tweet now sits on top of a thread of replies to Musk’s earlier tweet.

As Musk fired most of Twitter’s staff, lay off more than 8,000 employeesthe social media platform has struggling to fight the infringement of intellectual property. The launch of Twitter Blue further exacerbated the issues, giving users a checkmark of free control. impersonate celebrities and other famous people. With its latest feature, Twitter Blue subscribers can also upload full-length motion pictures without fear of being affected.

Musk himself constantly raising memes and other content without attribution or credit, so he doesn’t have to worry about increasing copyright infringement. He is also very busy with traffic conspiracy theories and anti-semitic tropes maybe to be noticed.

Update: After nearly three hours, the Shrek 3 The upload was disabled by Twitter “in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

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