Elon Musk Reveals He Has Asperger’s on SNL and Introduces Mom

Elon Musk got personally to him Saturday Night live debut.

On Saturday, May 8, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, one of the richest people in the world, hosted the NBC sketch series for the first time. The South African -born billionaire brought up his mother, Maye Musk, as did cast members and musical guests Miley Cyrus, to celebrate Mother’s Day.

In his monologue, Elon also confirmed a long-standing rumor about himself-that he has Asperger syndrome, or Asperger’s, which is often considered a high-functioning form of autism.

“Sometimes after I say something, I have to say, ‘I said that.’ That’s why people really know what I mean. That’s because I don’t always say a lot or vary in how I say it, which I’m told can do good comedy, “Elon explained. “I made history tonight as the first person to host Asperger’s SNL. Or at least the first to admit it. “

Ghostbusters actor And Aykroyd famous as one SNL cast member and writer in the ’70s and hosted the show in 2003. In 2013, he said The Daily Mail that he had Asperger’s and was diagnosed in the early 80s.

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