Embrace the Sound of the Season With Lane 8’s Inspiring “Winter 2022” Mixtape – EDM.com

The changing of the seasons means it’s time for something new Road 8 mixtape.

His new “Winter 2022” mix takes us on a cathartic journey through time, adding layers of emotion and depth to curate a blissful listening experience akin to a warm chocolate and a warm blanket.

Featuring over three hours of soulful progressive and deep house, the mix is ​​packed with 51 tracks, including 13 unreleased IDs and a slew of remixes.

It features sounds from Sultan + Shepard, Tinlicker, Bonobo, Paraleven and more from the ecosystem of his flagship record label, This Didn’t Happen, as well as some edits of his own music. Lane 8 also took on Gorillaz at one point, washing out Dom Dolla’s extensive remix of “New Gold.”

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