Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund Break Up A Year After Welcoming Child

However, the stars seem to be proves their romance Just five months later in August 2019, when they were spotted laughing at each other and holding hands while in Los Angeles.

However, the New Year seems to bring challenges. In January 2020, Hedlund arrested for a DUI and ordered by a judge to seek counsel.

After his arrest, a third source revealed that the couple was “doing well” and that his DUI was “not something that actually threatened the separation between them.”

A third source added, “Emma is committed when she has a partner and they both realize it has to work.”

A few months later, news broke that Roberts and Hedlund were expecting their first child to be together, but they weren’t the ones revealing it. Roberts’ mother, however, Kelly CunninghamWHO accidentally notified that her daughter is pregnant on Instagram, which she shares, is “very happy.”

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