Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in Heartfelt Comedy

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese talks Maybe I Did starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey about the upcoming comedy movie, which will hit theaters nationwide on January 27. The duo discussed balancing comedy with moving moments.

“Michelle and Allen have reached a point in their relationship to take the next steps toward marriage. Thinking it would be a good idea to invite their parents to meet at the end, they will make a dinner and make it a family event,” the synopsis says. “To everyone’s surprise, the affair took on a new meaning because the parents knew each other so well – they had been cheating on their spouses for months…with each other. Trapped in this dangerous predicament, they try to hide their dallians from the children while dealing with their spouse’s lovers. Let the games begin!”

Tyler Treese: Emma, ​​Maybe I Do has an incredible cast. Richard Gere played your father in the movie and he famously worked with your aunt. What is most rewarding about working with so many legends as scene partners?

Emma Roberts: I mean, it’s one of those movies that is once in a lifetime, as an actor, to be in the same room with all these people. I mean, I saw every Diane Keaton movie, every Susan Sarandon movie, obviously loved Richard Gere, William H. Macy, and to reunite with Luke after we did. vacations together … every day, I say, “I’m so lucky. I have to enjoy it!”

Luke, your character introduction was so funny, you caught the bridal bouquet. The film is like a lot of good laughs, but there is a lot of heart within the drama at play. What do you want to open a more comedic scene?

Luke Bracey: Yeah, that’s a funny way to start a film and I think, in a good way, you expect the film to go maybe in a more slapstick direction. Then suddenly, you’re hit with a lot of meaning and sadness in between all these hilarious moments. So a real credit to Michael Jacobs, the writer [and] director who made this story so brilliant to have all these different puzzle pieces and all these different relationships and ideas of life and, and people’s experience of life and love, and so they fit together so beautifully and create this unique piece of the story. This is a credit to Michael. At the beginning of one of the most daring moves that a boyfriend tries, which is to catch the bride’s bouquet.

Then watching the movie and finding that it’s a really touching and funny movie about love and what it is and what we’re looking for in it and what we hope to find and what we hope to be. cannot be found. Yes, it’s a wonderful film in the way that it brings all the pieces together… all the perfect pieces of a rom-com that you need. It has them in an absolute value. It was perfectly seasoned and I think it was cooked to perfection as well.

Emma Roberts: I love that we used cooking metaphors at this time of day.

Luke Bracey: Now we are!

Emma, ​​you mentioned working with Luke before. How great is it that you don’t have to build chemistry from scratch here and you can go straight into the film, knowing that you’re working well with him?

Emma Roberts: Yes, it’s great. It was so comforting to be able to do it with him. And we should have fun with it. It’s nice to be with someone you’re friends with, especially if you … have nerves on the first day of school, coming to the set with all these great actors. So it was nice to be able to do that with Luke.

Luke, your character is very funny because he is fully in love, but he is also afraid to get married. He fears what aging can do to a relationship based on what he has seen with his own parents. What do you find most interesting about the theme of aging and changing a person because sometimes love is not enough?

Luke Bracey: Yes, exactly. I think that is the great fear of my nature, that love is predestined in such a way and that the way of marriage and love is what his parents had. I think it’s so beautiful, her journey of trying and discovering that it doesn’t have to be that way. Nothing in life is fixed which means something has to go in a certain direction and it’s up to you and your partner to move your life forward and continue to make it the beautiful thing that it is. .

Nothing is set in stone. If you leave something and just let it go, then it will not grow with you as people. That’s a beautiful life lesson and something I find so beautiful about this story and about Allen’s journey in it. He avoids the fact that just because your parents are like that doesn’t mean you have to be.

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