Ending Following Season 4 Was The Right Move

HBO’s hit series following is set to end after its fourth season, and while fans may not want to see the show end, star Alan Ruck thinks it’s the right time to end the series.

Talked to Empire Magazine, Ruck – who plays the series’ oldest son Connor Roy – said he was glad the series didn’t overstay its welcome, and that everyone involved with the series knew things were over. since last year. According to Ruck, it’s better to end the series on their terms rather than take things to an unnecessary level.

“The truth is, we’ve all known about the show since June,” Ruck said. “And I think it’s the right time to end it in terms of the struggle to see who will rule this empire. The fifth season could have been, and if it just goes away, that would be a shame.”

following follows the story of the Roy family — Logan Roy and his four children — who control one of the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerates. The series follows their lives as they ponder what the future holds for them once their elderly father begins to withdraw from the company.

The series stars Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Alan Ruck, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, Hiam Abbass, Peter Friedman, Matthew Macfadyen, Rob Yang, Dagmara Dominczyk, Arian Moayed, J. Smith-Cameron, Justine Lupe, David Rasche, and Fisher Stevens.

The Emmy-winning series is created and executive produced by showrunner Jesse Armstrong, Adam McKay, Frank Rich, Kevin Messick, Jane Tranter, Mark Mylod, Tony Roche, Scott Ferguson, Jon Brown, Lucy Prebble, Will Tracy, and Will Ferrell.

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