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The Last of Us Episode 2 begins in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 24, 2003. The police approach a woman having lunch. Her name is Ibu Ratna. He is a professor of mycology at the University of Indonesia. They take him to a lab and ask him to examine a specimen.

“This is ophiocordyceps. Why did you use chlorazol to prepare the slide? he asked. The officer said that is the preparation used to take a sample from a person. “Cordyceps cannot survive in man,” he said. Until now.

Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey as Ellie. (HBO)

Professor Ratna was dressed in protective gear and taken to a room where a human corpse was being held. He is asked to look down at the patient’s left leg. There is a bite mark with a scar around it. He used a scalpel to cut it. “Is it from someone?” Professor Ratna asked. The officer nodded yes.

He opened the patient’s mouth and saw the fungus living in his mouth. He quickly ran out. Professor Ratna asks when this happened. It all started 30 hours ago in a flour and grain factory in the western part of Jakarta. “A perfect substrate,” joked Dr. Ratna.

According to the official, the woman who was bitten suddenly became violent and bit three co-workers. They locked him in the bathroom. The police came and shot him. Professor Ratna asked what happened to the people he bit. They were taken for observation, and then it became clear that they too had to be killed. No one knows who bit the girl. Fourteen workers are missing.

Professor Ratna was asked not to spread it. “We need a vaccine or medicine,” the officer pleaded. Professor Ratna replied, “I have spent my life studying these things. So please listen carefully. There is no cure. There is no vaccine. ” He wanted to know what to do next.

“Bomb. Start bombing. Bomb this city… and everything in it,” urged Professor Ratna. The official looked shocked, but Professor Ratna was very serious. She started crying and asked to be taken home.

Ellie claims that she is the Key to a Vaccine

In the current timeline, Ellie Joel and Tess woke up looking at him closely. Joel has a gun pointed at Ellie. “Do I look infected?” he said. Ellie shows Joel and Tess her arm. It didn’t get any worse. Tess wonders what Marlene is doing with an infected child. Ellie explained that Marlene found her after she was infected. Marlene had him locked up and tested every day. He never got sick.

Joel is not convinced that Ellie will not get sick. Tess knows that if they take her back, Ellie will be killed because she will still be positive. Tess wants to know why Ellie is so important to Marlene. “Joel and I are not good people. We do this because, obviously, you have value. But we don’t know what you’re worth if we don’t know what we have,” said Tess to Ellie.

Anna Torv
Bella Ramsey and Anna Torv as Ellie and Tess. (HBO)

Ellie reveals that Marlene told her not to tell anyone, but now she has to. “There’s a Firefly base camp somewhere out west with doctors. They work on medicine,” Ellie revealed. Joel had heard all this before. Ellie was the key to finding a vaccine. Joel doesn’t believe him. He asks Tess to reconsider this mission. Tess wanted to end it. Even if it is true, they will still get paid from it. Joel reluctantly agreed.

Joel, Ellie, and Tess came out. Ellie notices a large hole in the middle of the city. Tess explained that most of the major cities were bombed to slow the spread of the infection. Tess asks Ellie how she got so small. Ellie entered a mall inside the Boston QZ. He wanted to see what it was like. One of the infected came out of nowhere and bit him. Ellie admits she is lonely. He is an orphan, so no one goes looking for him.

The three hear screams in the distance, but Joel insists they just keep moving. They had to cross the former hotel which was flooded. They passed without encountering any of the infected. Ellie tries to make small talk with Joel while Tess goes to do some investigating. He continued to answer most of her questions. Ellie asks how long the infected can live. Joel revealed that some last about a month or two, and then others walk around for 20 years. He had killed many of them over the years.

Ellie, Joel and Tess Fight the Infected

Tess returns with bad news. He shows Ellie and Joel a group of infected lying on the ground below. “They’re connected,” Ellie noted. Tess said, “More than you know. The fungus also grows underground. Long fibers, like wires, some of which extend over a mile. You step on a patch of cordyceps in one place, you might wake up a dozen infected elsewhere. Now they know where you are. Now they come. You’re not immune to being split, do you understand?” It was important that Ellie understood this.

Ellie, Joel, and Tess next have to go through the Bostonian Museum to get to the State House where a group of Fireflies are waiting for Ellie. Ellie stumbles upon a new dead body that hasn’t turned around yet. Joel and Tess were obviously terrified. They must remain silent as they pass through the museum. There were piles of corpses covered in dead fungus. Ellie accidentally made a sound, which awakened something above.

Peter Pascal
Pedro Pascal as Joel. (HBO)

Just as Ellie and Tess finished in another room, part of the roof of the museum caved in. Unfortunately, more dangers await them. An infected man was walking towards them. Joel urges Ellie and Tess to keep quiet so they don’t notice the infected. Another infected enters the room. Joel’s plan doesn’t work, and he ends up fighting one of the infected.

Tess and Ellie ran. Joel reloads his gun and sees Ellie. He goes to get her. They started walking, but he stepped on a glass. This prompts another fight with one of the infected, and Ellie is about to be captured. Joel is able to kill the infected person. Another comes in, but Tess stops it with an ax so Joel can finish it off.

Ellie seems to have been bitten again. “I mean, if this happens to one of us,” he said. Ellie, Joel, and Tess quickly made their way to the top of the building. Ellie walks across a wooden plank to another building. Joel is still suspicious of Ellie. A second bite may be taken. Tess urges him to just accept it. This may be good news. Maybe if they actually win.

Joel walked beside Ellie, who was watching the scene. “Is it everything you hoped for?” he asked. He replied, “Jury’s not here yet.” But man, you can’t deny that view.”

Tess Makes A Heartbreaking Sacrifice

They continued their journey. They reached the State House. Joel and Tess were not immediately sure. No Fireflies around. it again quiet. Ellie noticed a new trail of blood. Tess grabbed Ellie and ushered her inside. There are dead bodies everywhere. Joel tells Ellie that one of the Fireflies is hurt. The healthy began to fight the sick, and everyone lost.

All the Fireflies are dead. Ellie didn’t know where Marlene was going to take her, because it was only in the west. Joel wants to go back, but Tess stays. “I mean, our luck has to run out sooner or later,” Tess admitted. When Ellie made a shocking realization. “F**k, he’s infected,” Ellie said.

Joel asks Tess to show him the bite. He tried to go to her, but she trembled. Tess pulls up her shirt and reveals the bite on her chest. She asks Ellie to show her bite. Ellie’s bite didn’t get any worse. “It’s true. Joel, She’s f**king real,” said Tess.

Anna Torv
Anna Torv as Tess. (HBO)

Tess asks Joel to take Ellie to Bill and Frank. Joel didn’t think they would take him. Tess knew they would because she would convince them. “This is your chance. You take him there. You keep him alive, and you fix everything. All the sh*t we do. Please say yes, Joel,” said Tess.

One of the infected arrives, but Joel shoots it in the head. Unfortunately, this sets off a chain reaction of fungus and other infections, as Tess warned. They only have about a minute. Tess grabs barrels of gasoline and pours them on the floor, along with some grenades. He tells Joel to save who he can. He grabbed Ellie and ran. “No, we will not leave him!” Ellie shouted.

Tess was alone waiting for the hordes of infected. They ran inside. He was trying to get his lighter to start an explosion. One of the infected noticed him. He approached her and kissed her, allowing the fungus to enter her mouth. Fortunately, the lighter finally caught on. Tess dies in the State House explosion while Joel and Ellie escape. New episodes on The Last of Us airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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