Erika Jayne Burns To Claim She Compared Herself to Jesus

Erika Jayne not claiming to be like Christ.

the Real Homes in Beverly Hills star, who recently sued for $ 25 million in the case of her husband’s bankruptcy, spoke after she was ridiculed by online critics who appeared to have compared herself to Jesus Christ.

Agreed to Page Six, Erika also posted a fan saying, “This is exactly how CHRIST died,” comparing the persecution of Jesus to the examination he faced in court of public opinion about his legal problems.

One user, responded, “Erika Jayne comparing herself to Christ… The jokes go on, with one tweeting,” ‘This is exactly what they’re going to do with Erika Jayne.’ – Jesus on the cross 33 AD. ”

Another person brought up Erika’s answer to 2019 when Lisa Vanderpump He claimed to have been “burned at the stake.” At that hour, Erika said, “Come off the cross. We need the tree.”

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