Erika Jayne Reveals Where All Her RHOBH Payments Came From

Start questioning.

The Real Homes in Beverly Hills Season 11 meet also kicks off tonight, and based on this exclusive sneak peek clip, host Andy Cohen not neglected Erika Jayne to answer the difficult questions asked by viewers all the time.

In fact, why didn’t the Bravo star leave her ex -husband Tom Girardi—Who is he now separated—Did you take a long time? Like Erika revealed in an earlier stage, years have passed since his acquaintance he allegedly cheated on her.

“Where am I going?” Erika responds after Andy asks the question in the bottom clip.

“Asa not you go You’re on a hit TV show, you have a career … ”Andy said before Erika gets upset and insists that“ she has no control ”over her finances.

He continued, “I was walking around carrying two credit cards, they broke. Shall I call you? Who shall I call?”

In response, Andy mentions that he knows what Erika is doing RHOBH. “It’s not bad,” he added.

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