Erika Jayne’s Drunken Moments From RHOBH’s New Episode, Rank

Love or hate her, don’t deny Erika Jayne makes for good reality TV.

If that wasn’t clear then, then the June 22 episode is on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills definitely reinforces it. We returned to Mexico, where the group enjoyed a vacation full of drama Sutton Strake and Crystal If Minkoff keep fighting, Diana Jenkins has already started his first fight and Kyle Richards likely to be somewhere making the splits.

Erika, however, is in unusual form: drunk. Instead sparring with one of his co-stars or arpar him ongoing legal problems, he was carefree, hilarious and no doubt the star of the show. Real Housewives trips are pretty much the same as hilarious drunk escapades, but as the Beverly Hills women point out on stage, Erika isn’t one to always be in the spotlight. So, if he enjoys one or two — or three, or four — the result is naturally pure amusement.

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