Erin Lim Rhodes Gives Birth, Welcomes First Child With Joshua Rhodes

It’s time to say thank you for some great news.

E! The news will confirm Erin Lim Rhodes and husband Joshua Rhodes received their first child in the world this week.

“Thank you,” Joshua wrote Instagram in Nov. 25 while sharing the first picture of their child. “All the Glory of God.”

Back in July, Erin announced on E! ‘S Snapchat show The Rundown that he expecting her first child. Since then, the E! The news star allowed fans to follow her pregnancy journey.

“Hiding it for 20 weeks is hard now that I’m so far away,” Erin shared in July. “Honestly if I’m not on cam all the time, I’ll pull Kylie Jenner to all of you! But I’m also happy to be a mother that I can’t control anymore. “

Earlier this month, Erin teamed up with the event designer Melissa Andrea | to throw a heart backyard baby shower with his closest family and friends.

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