ESPN’s LIVE Prayer is a Witness to a Hurting World

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin remains in critical condition following his shocking collapse following an on-field cardiac arrest Monday night.

Dorrian Glenn, Hamlin’s uncle, spoke ESPN on Tuesday night that while Hamlin was being sedated, he was “improving from where he was yesterday. We’re just going to continue to pray, and I know he’s in good hands with the medical team he has here. They did a great job. ”

Many of us are praying for this young man, whose talents on the field are dwarfed by his reputation for his generosity off the field and deep Christian faith.

“My faith is in God,” he once said. “So whatever He plans for me, that’s it.”

God cannot cause heartbreaks, but He allows them, and clearly uses them to further His purposes.

I remember just yesterday when a clips of ESPN analyst and former NFL player Dan Orlovsky began making the rounds. As the football world and the wider public began to absorb and process the events of Monday night, Orlovsky decided to pray out loud, LIVE, on the national sports network. His two companions bowed their heads, closed their eyes, and then joined Dan by concluding by saying, “Amen.”

“I am not a man of faith, but I am a man of action,” wrote a YouTube viewer. “Many kudos to Dan for doing more than just saying the words ‘thoughts and prayers.’ It’s impactful, and I have a lot of respect for people who are willing to voice what they believe, especially when it’s positive like this. ”

Think how many people watched ESPN yesterday who might have been exposed to this simple instruction on how to pray. Dan’s prayer is personal, like a son speaking to a father. He showed well how we can bring all our worries and concerns to our Heavenly Father.

On Monday night, fellow players gathered and knelt at midfield, surrounding Damar Hamlin, heads bowed in prayer. It was a touching sight.

I hope you will join me in praying for Damar, but also join me in giving thanks and praying for Dan. It is not always easy these days for Christians to publicly express their faith – but our witness is a ministry to a world that is hurting and hungry for the things of the Lord.

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