Essential Platform Bed Frame

Getting mattresses off the floor is essential to the room’s form and function. A bed frame creates the structure of the room, makes the bed easier to make, and separates the mattress from the floor.
For the cost of a box spring or metal bed frame, you can build a wooden bed frame that eliminates the need for a bed frame. A wooden bed frame is very beautiful, adds texture to the design of the room, and is strong and large.
In this free plan, I’ll show you how to make a wooden bed frame using dimensional lumber (ie 2x4s) and two power tools: a drill and a woodworking saw.

Matching Headboard

This bed frame is designed to be used with different headboards, and we have also designed a headboard to fit this bed frame. Free plans for the matching headboard are available here.

This bed was designed and built in collaboration with my friend Whitney of Shanty2Chic. Please take a second to pause and visit Whitney at Shanty2Chic for more details and photos of this bed.

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Hailey Platform Bed Frame

Essential Platform Bed Frame Plans

Free plans for this wooden bed frame follow. If you build, please add a brag post – it keeps me inspired and helps other users see different options and creative decisions. Thanks for using Ana White’s plans.

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