Essential Two-Step Banking

This stool might be a little complicated, but I promise you – if you can pull a jigsaw trigger, you can do it. These are just sides cut from a 1×12, a 1×12 low step, a 1×6 high step, and some 1x2s in there for extra support. Once you get the hang of it, it takes like 10 minutes to make.

It has a full, wide bottom step, so I find myself using it.

Lasting Finish

Not only does this stair chair hold up very well in terms of durability, but the finish really impressed me. The stool is still in great shape after ten years of use!

Our power sander won’t sand a curved cut, so these sanding pads work great.

Another note – I got a good jigsaw cut on both sides by using a fresh wood blade and clamping the two sides together and cutting as one. This will really help reduce the need for sanding.

After vacuuming the step stool … we are ready for the primer!

I use it Glidden Trim and Door paint and I was amazed at how well it finished. This is a paint to use as it is oil based, but well worth it.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I looked in the paint room and saw the can – the paint separates so you have to mix it. Nothing a little gentle stirring can’t solve.

And when it dried, we were all very impressed with how thick and glossy the paint was, and how professional a goopy coat looked. Even on our dark days in Alaska, the finish shows it’s very shiny!

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