Eve and Trina’s Battle VERZUZ: Here’s What Happened

Eva and Trina are the newest MCs in the duel on VERZUZ. They went head-to-head early tonight, playing hits from their respective catalogs in more than 20 rounds. Trina defended her turf at home from Miami, while Eve appeared live from London. Find the full playlist below.

DJ Nasty opened the night, honoring the late rap legend Tupac Shakur, who is now 50 years old. Trina started things with the title track from her 2014 album Who is evil, and Eve
followed by his 2007 Swizz Beatz single “Tambourine.” That night, when Trina did her remix of Trick Daddy’s “Nann,” she released the rapper. Trina also revealed that the location of VERZUZ has special meaning for her. “We’re in really the same building I recorded it video of, ”he said.

Eve and Trina paid tribute to Tupac and Missy Elliott during the fight tonight. Both girls ran Elliott’s tracks: Trina did Elliott / Ludacris’ collab “One Minute Man,” while Eve played Elliott’s “4 My People” and the remix “Hot Boyz” with Lil ‘Mo, Nas, and Q- Suggestion After Elliott tweet in response: “I want to say this I am humbly thankful because I am in so much art verzuz & I want to thank the Amazing artists who believed in me as a Writer / Producer or just an artist I like everything that 4 showed me love. ”

It was a friendly face to face with accompanying praise from the rappers. “I don’t want to do this to anyone other than my sister Eva,” Trina said at one point, after dedicating the night to “all the hip-hop girls.” The evening ended with a fresh release from Trina called “Receipts.”

Back in April (specifically, on April 20), friends and collaborators Redman and Method Man ”Fought“During a”How tall is 4/20 Special”On the platform. Last month, founders of VERZUZ Swizz Beatz and Timbaland also teamed up for a rematch.

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