EVE Online Players Contribute 330 Years Of Work For COVID-19 Research

EVE Online players have helped conduct more than 330 years of blood cell research for scientists working against the COVID-19 virus for more than a year.

Last year, EVE Online Players have contributed to the fight against COVID-19, thanks to an in-game initiative that has collected millions of samples for scientific research. Through the initiative, named Project Discovery, EVE Online Players have contributed more than 330 years of work, helping real-world scientists learn about the virus and save valuable time and resources.

EVE Online a sci-fi MMORPG where players can engage in space-based piracy, mining, trading, planetary exploration, combat and trafficking. EVE Online known for a highly complex game, with over 7,800 star systems and an ongoing economy and combat driven by players. The game has been running on one server since May 2003, with over 500,000 active subscribers as of 2013.

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Agreed to IGN, Project Discovery is now managing to consolidate the COVID-19 data that scientists will take in 330.69 years to work. Last year, 327,000 players finished 1.37 million analysis tasks in-game, which involves mini-games depicting human cell samples, for in-game currency. These mini-games were originally submitted to help form a Human Protein Atlas from hundreds of thousands of submissions for scientific research, which has been revised to aid COVID-19 research. This research helped in the process of studying the effects of COVID-19 on human blood cells, with players using a tracking tool to highlight any clusters they could find in the cells. in the blood.

Sample of EVE Online Project Discovery Mini-game

In conversation with IGN, EVE Online Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason and Massively Multiplayer Online Science CEO and co-founder Attila Szantner are considering using the manpower of an MMORPG to get this kind of work done after seeing citizen science projects and the potentially held on the internet. To motivate players to participate, game rewards are awarded for accurate identification of blood cells, earning ISK that can be used throughout. EVE Online. The mini-game is designed to be easy for any player to interact with, while still completing the work the scientists need. The addition of a mini-game ranking system has also spurred competition between players, opening up even higher level rewards to higher rankings that players can move all in while contributing to real world scientific research.

These kinds of crowddsourcing projects could tomorrow solve issues with a lot of people and reduce time in the future, which is really an MMORPG – except for the average player. working to kill bosses and clearing raids. Having so many players to use in such a way could be the solution the next time the world is in a crisis like COVID-19, as long as the rewards of the game are worth the effort.

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Origin: IGN

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