Every Character Who Has Can Stop the Order 66

Order 66 was the most important event in the whole Star Wars timeline, but it can be prevented by a number of characters if they move differently. Darth Sidious’s plan to eliminate and wipe out the Jedi in order to gain escape superiority has been planned for decades, and the Sith Lord has carefully put in all the right pieces to achieve his purpose. However, there are some ways the plan can go wrong if there are other characters making different choices.

The implementation of Order 66 was the final step in Palpatine’s plan to create the Galactic Empire. After creating the same alliance of the Separatist and the Republican clone army from the shadows, they supported each other for many years, and sowed the seeds of public distrust of the Jedi all the time, the Supreme Court the puller. Activated by the clone troopers ’covert inhibitor chips, Palpatine brings an end to the Jedi Order in an instant. And because of the distrust many civilians had developed towards the Jedi during the war, they were willing to believe Palpatine to claim that they were trying to kill him and seize power for themselves.

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As conceivable as Palpatine’s plan, it’s too numerous and complicated to be truly insane. As such, there are a number of Star Wars characters that can be had restrained Order 66 from the event acting differently. Here’s everything you need to know about who, and how.


Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

There are a number of broad ways in which Yoda can prevent the rise of Palpatine, even though most of them are claimed to be a much bigger picture. If he resists fogging the Sith Lord in the future; if he further inquires into the origin of the military clone; if he wasn’t quite ready to make his Jedi Knights military commanders, he might have avoided the entire Empire Age. However, more specifically, Yoda can prevent Order 66 if he pays more attention to his own views of the Force.

on Star Wars anthology of short stories The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Darkness, Yoda has a vision of the dark events surrounding the clone troopers. This is a kind of warning that, considered together with some accurate analysis of the creation of the army, Palpatine’s plot could have been revealed years earlier. However, at the time, Yoda believed that vague visions of the future were not sufficient guidance for true morality, and that following such prophecies always brought the dark side. For those reasons, Yoda ignored his vision, allowing Order 66 to wipe out the Jedi.


Star Wars Clone Trooper Fives

Some clone troopers have gained knowledge of their evil program and are therefore able to prevent Order 66. The most famous example is ARC trooper Fives. Fives discovers the true intent of the detainee through a lengthy investigation after one learns of one of his friends the Jedi’s natural killing prematurely. Finally he opened the principles of the scheme of Order 66, but before he could reveal the truth, Palpatine killed him and covered the entire event. If Fives were still careful or still knew about the whole plot, he could have avoided his unfortunate fate and saved the galaxy from Order 66.

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Kix and Captain Rex

Before Fives was killed, he warned two other clones about his suspicion, albeit in less detail that would have been most helpful. Those two are medical trooper Kix and Captain Rex. Kix followed the clues left by the Fives and unraveled the same plot, but like the Fives, he was also discovered and Palpatine could do nothing. Rex ignored the warning at the time, but knowing the blocker chip later helped get him and save Ahsoka Tano’s life after Order 66 begins. If any of these clones make different judgments, they can finish Fives’ mission.

The Kaminos

For obvious reasons, Order 66 would not have been possible without the work and hiding of Kaminoan clinoers – especially Prime Minister Lama Su and Chief Medical Scientist Nala Se. Even if the true purpose of the inhibitor chip is not revealed to the cloners, they know what it could do if the majority of the Republic did not. If they put their behavior ahead of their money, they could break Palpatine’s entire plan by exposing or eliminating the risk of deterrent chips. However, they did the job they were hired for and indirectly neglected the Jedi Purge.

Sly Moore and Mas Amedda

Two of the smaller characters that might block Order 66 are Sly Moore and Mas Amedda, Palpatine’s two closest political allies. Sly and Mas can only be seen behind the prequel films, but they have a much bigger role in some more help Star Wars stories. Mas Amedda knew Palpatine’s true identity and perhaps the Order 66 plan, and he helped the Chancellor execute the Fives assassination. Sly Moore is less important in the post-Disney canon, but in the continuation of Legends he was an active servant of Palpatine and even received instruction on the dark side from him. Any of them may have prevented Order 66 from happening, but they remained loyal to Palpatine throughout its implementation.

Darth Maul

Because Darth Maul was a disciple of Darth Sidious for many years, and because he later became a rebellious Sith with a different agenda, he was in a unique position during the Clone Wars to stop the Order. 66. When Ahsoka Tano confronted Maul during the Siege of Mandalore, he talks about Palpatine’s plans in a way that shows that he probably doesn’t know everything, but he definitely knows enough. Maul hates his former master, especially after he kills his brother Savage, but he never uses the most important information he brings to overthrow the Sith Lord. At the end of the day, Maul wants to see the Jedi end up like Sidious did.

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Anakin Skywalker

Anakin and Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith

Late but not too late, Anakin Skywalker can stop Order 66 if he trusts Mace Window instead of Palpatine. Knowing the gravity of Palpatine’s deception, Windu prepares to assassinate the Sith Lord in the area to thwart any plots he might have in the works. However, by the time Anakin arrives at the scene of their fight, he is already convinced that Palpatine must survive if Padme is to survive, thus assured of his loyalty to the Chancellor. When forced to choose between the two, Anakin turned on Windu and kept Palpatine. If he still chooses to be different, the flow of Star Wars History can be very different.

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