Every Character Will Be The Next Black Panther

Who is the next Black Panther? After Chadwick Boseman’s terrific journey, many have explored what this means for the future of T’Challa in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios has officially confirmed that they will not be able to replay the MCU character even if they plan to continue Black Panther: Wakanda forever.

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What this likely means is that, unless the role is completely exhausted, which seems unlikely because the franchise is just beginning, the role of Black Panther is likely to be passed on to another character. Fortunately, the first movie already introduces many interesting characters who could take on the superhero mantle and lead the future of the franchise.

Updated May 6, 2021 by Melody MacReady: While the options of who can wear the mask and become the new Black Panther remain the same, new details are coming. Along with this is the official title of the series as celebrated and tear-jerking homage to the Marvel Cinematic Universe released on social media. In it, several official release dates for other films have been announced and confirmed that the sequel will be titled Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. In addition to this, many hours have passed since Kevin Feige revealed information about the mysterious but expected outcome as well as Chadwick Boseman’s tragic journey.

7 W’Kabi

While W’Kabi started the first film as T’Challa’s close friend and loyal companion, he eventually shifted his loyalty when T’Challa failed to carry on. Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaue, who was responsible for the deaths of his parents, returned to Wakanda. Even if he and the border tribe finally stand up and end the Wakandan civil war.

Making him the next Black Panther to honor his friend would be a perfect way for the character to redeem himself after betraying the throne and siding with the Killmonger. Also, since he is Okoye’s husband, he who led Wakanda with his service as general is an interesting enthusiastic analysis.

6 M’Baku

M’Baku, also known as the Great Gorilla, was the leader of the Jabari tribe who started out as an opponent of T’Challa but became an ally of the king over time. He tried to get the role in the first movie and he has already proven himself that he is a good fighter from his fighter who fell in the battle against T’Challa, which makes him a perfect candidate to be ’ g a new Black Panther.

There’s also a good chance that in a row fans will know that he was the leader of Wakanda during Blip because he was one of the few Black Panther characters survived.

5 Okoye

Okoye has a lot of leadership training as well the general of Dora Milaje, The elite strikeforce in Wakanda. He was also a skilled martial artist and very skilled with his javelin spear. In addition to being a fighter, he was also a good adviser to T’Challa and regularly participated in royal council meetings as an active member.

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Okoye also has a strong sense of loyalty to Wakanda that is fully demonstrated. Black Panther when he appeared he was ready to even kill the man he loved for the good of the country. If there’s any character who can take off the mantle and immediately gain the respect of everyone around them, it’s him.

4 Killmonger

The Black Panther made one complicated villain by Erik Killmonger, making him one of Marvel’s best antagonists. Not only is he incredibly charismatic but his enthusiasm is understandable even if his approach is severe. He had a lot of fighting experience due to his time in the military and was even able to defeat T’Challa, who rightly took the throne from him for the first time.

After spending time with the character, many fans are hoping he’ll survive and get an arc of redemption so this is the best way to do it. Although T’Challa killed him at the end of the first movie, Wakanda is full of magical properties that can be used to restore the character.

3 Nakia

Nakia shows that she is more than the usual weird love affair through a strong attitude outside of his relationship with T’Challa. Not only was he a great advocate but he also served as T’Challa’s moral compass, helping him understand that the world could benefit from Wakanda’s participation and sharing of wealth.


He was also a key part of the final battle with him using a pair of specialist ring blades, showing that he was able to defend himself and others. The first film ended with his directing of the new Wakandan outreach program so it is fair to see him continue in the direction T’Challa has taken the country after the first film because it inspired his input.

2 Shuri

Be the first to take the role as the leader T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri. Shuri is the maker behind his brother’s suits and he is also the lead inventor of all things Wakanda, overseeing most of the technological advances.

In the comics, Shuri takes the mantle as the next Black Panther after attacking and injuring his brother Doctor Doom. While it may be too early for Doom, something similar could end in the end, forcing him to accept the mantle, even if he doesn’t want it.

1 An Original Character

black panther 2 wakanda

While most of the characters that can be taken off the mantle are already known, there is little chance that the next Black Panther person will be a completely original MCU character.

Kevin Fiege revealed that a series of further explorations of the African country with new characters so it would be no surprise if one of the characters fighting for the title than has a pre-built climb on paper. Not only will this be a nice spin but it will help bring home the message that the new Black Panther can really be anyone.

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