Every Spider-Man Dimension Has a Different Style of Art

Spider-Verse writer Chris Miller says they want every dimension of Across the Spider-Verse to look like “it was drawn by another artist’s hand.”

Phil Lord and Chris Miller tell every dimension of Spider-Man Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Part One) has a different style of art. ago Spider-Man: To Spider-Verse premiered in 2018, Sony Pictures Animation is already developing its sequel. The studio already knew they had been hit with their hands, and they were right. To the Spider Verse was very successful and went on to win Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards along with a well-earned few of the other awards. The film presents a new way of making a comic book movie.

Spider-Man: Across The Verse on Kaka officially announced in 2019, but in December 2021, Lord and Miller announced that the sequel would be split into two parts, with Across The Spider-Verse (Part One) is scheduled to release in October this year and (Part Two) in 2023. The Verse on Kaka the sequel will continue the story of Miles Morales, beginning with To the Spider Verse, with most of the team from the first film returning. Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jake Johnson will repeat their roles as Miles, Gwen Stacy, and Peter B. Parker, respectively, and Oscar Isaac will also return to voice Miguel O’Hara, appearing in To the Spider VerseThe credit scene. In addition, Issa Rae joined the cast as Jessica Drew.


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Needless to say, expectations for Spider-Verse 2 too long and will remain that way if Lord and Miller continue to mock the details from the film. Talking to Collider, Lord and Miller share their ambitious plans to make sure Spider-Man: Throughout Spider-Verse feels as new as before: each dimension of Spider-Man is madrowing with a different art style. Read Miller’s description of this plan below:

“It’s, as Phil said, an ambitious sequel, because we don’t want to just do the same thing again. And so the idea that we’re going to go into different dimensions is really going on. open up an opportunity in an artistic way that each world has its own art style, and that will be able to push the people of ImageWorks to create a way that each dimension feels like it.drawn with another hand of the artist.Watching the progress of those things is amazing, and in fact, this is why we keep doing it, because it is so hard to fix it.

2D Spider-Man swings in Spider-Verse 2

Details posted Spider-Man: To Spider-Verse won praise from fans and critics. With the animation styles used, many liked how Miles animated at 12 frames per second instead of 24 when he learned to be Spider-Man, because it helped tell his story. Drawing different dimensions in different animation styles Spider-Verse 2 an extension of the detail already involved in Spider-Man: To Spider-Verse. Each Spider-Person Miles encountered has their own style, emphasizing that they belong to a different dimension. For example, Peni Parker is drawn in an anime style while Miles is in 3D animated.

With a lot of attention to detail in their first Verse on Kaka film, it’s no surprise that Lord and Miller feel that way Across the Spider-Verse should be more than anything they have ever done. Fans have already seen two of the art styles used in Spider-Verse 2, thanks for the trailer released in December, but some remain a mystery. The only way to know is to look Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Part One) in theaters next Fall.

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Source: Collider

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