Every Surprise Song Taylor Swift Played on “The Eras Tour”

As part of “The Eras Tour,” Taylor Swift promised to play a different acoustic song at each show. At the start of the tour on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, he performed “mirrorball” from MOONLIGHT ROMANCE and “Tim McGraw” from his self-titled debut album. The next night, he treated the fans with “this is me trying” from MOONLIGHT ROMANCE and “State of Grace” from red.

We’ve tracked down all of Swift’s surprise songs throughout the course of the tour, including relevant links to the performances.

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The Eras Tour: Songs of Surprise

March 18th in Glendale, AZ – “It’s me trying” and “State of Grace”

March 17th in Glendale, AZ – “mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw”

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