Everything to Know About Kanye West’s Rumored Wife Bianca Censori

The 42-year-old also shared his Story with the words, “Just remember, the black sheep often becomes a goat. Keep doing what you do,” and “People who want to see you win, help you win. Remember that.”

So, who is Kanye West’s rumored new wife, Bianca Censori? Read on to find out…

Bianca Censori Works at Yeezy

Bianca is the Head of Architecture of Kanye’s fashion brand, respectively his LinkedIn profile. He has been with the company since November 2020.

She Was Once A Jewelry Designer

Bianca is the founder and owner of Nylons Jewelery from 2013 to 2017. She told id in a 2016 interview that he created the brand after high school.

“I started playing around with eyes, then putting crystals inside the meshing, just making simple thin chokers,” Bianca remembers. “I started selling it and from there it slowly continued to grow.”

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