EXIT Festival and Sunburn Top “Best Value Music Festivals” In The World – EDM.com

Looking forward to the 2022 festive season, the industry is preparing for a comeback.

As stated by Quartz, the average price of a concert ticket rose from just $ 12 in 1981 to $ 64 in 2017, nearly double the inflation rate over the same period. In addition, due to the large number of artists in the music festival’s typical lineup coupled with a higher production budget, the premium per ticket exceeded the average performance.

In a data -driven exercise, Cold Camping seeks to compile a list of “Best Value Festivals” using a different set of criteria. The company compares the price consumers pay for tickets against a variety of factors, including a combination of a proprietary “Headliner Value” formula, the price of a beer, the cost of food, and the number of days.

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