Experiencing a Fulfilled Marriage. Jim Daly

Do you believe that God can save marriage – anyone marriage?

That’s not always how Patricia Ashley thinks. At one point, her marriage to Vernon was dead. She said, “I don’t love my husband. I have no displeasure with him. I was not happy to see him come. I wasn’t happy to see him go. It made no difference what time he came or whether he entered. It is dead. ”

They are far away from each other. They are separated in almost every way – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. He read his Bible in a room, and he also read the Bible.

But by the grace of God, Patricia and Vernon’s dead marriage has been resurrected, and they enjoyed a happy marriage for over 45 years until her death in 2018.


Patricia shares her amazing testimony on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Experiencing a Fulfilled Marriage”Through a recording of a talk she gave at a women’s conference in Indian Wells, California, many years ago.

No marriage is perfect. The critical question is, “What do you do when there are problems?” Would you love to confront your spouse and settle the issue? Or do you just ignore the problem and hope it goes away? And if the problem persists, what?

Patricia has helpful answers to difficult questions. She shares her own pain from a marriage that is in serious trouble and offers ideas that you can apply now to your relationship. If your marriage feels dead, Patricia will encourage you to believe that God will live it.

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