Ezra Miller to Begin Treatment for “Complex Mental Health Issues”

Compliance a sequence of arrests and concern for their welfare, Ezra Miller announced that they had “begun ongoing treatment” to address “complex mental health issues.”

In a statement released Monday night, Miller — who is non-binary and uses pronouns — acknowledged that they had “recently gone through a period of great crisis.”

Miller went on to apologize to “everyone I have alarmed and angered by my past behavior,” and said they are “committed to doing the necessary work to return to a healthy, safe and productive phase of my life. “

Since March of this year, Miller has been arrested three times. During a month-long stay in Hawaii in the spring, Miller was charged bad manners and second-degree assault. And earlier this month, Miller was arrested and charged felony theft after allegedly stealing several bottles of alcohol from an unoccupied residence. You can find a complete summary of his various legal troubles HERE.

Miller was also charged care of minors and wearing body armor and carrying a gun at all times. Some of the actor’s alleged sex partners compared him to a cult leader.

As negative headlines pile up, new reports suggest that Warner Bros. Discovery is weighing its options on what to do The Flash, the upcoming superhero blockbuster starring Miller in the titular role. Under one scenario, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller will undergo treatment and then participate in limited press leading up to the film’s release next summer. If Miller’s behavior does not improve, Warner Bros. Discovery may consider removing Miller from the The FlashAll sales, or, in a worst case scenario, stop the release of the film.

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