Face Your Feelings With Sivz’s New Single "Crush"

This firecracker from Vancouver continues to ignite his unique production capabilities that combine powerful drums, bass lines, and both female and male vocals.

Sivz new single “Crush” celebrating the joy of having a romantic interest on the dancefloor, enjoying the moment of a first-time flirty encounter, and a possible romance. “Crush” was released during perfect weather in Canada as spring fever is in the air after a long winter hibernation and pheromones can be found on the dancefloor.

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If you hear “Crush” on the dancefloor and swoon nervously, the voice will guide you to declare that it might be more than a simple crush. The answer may be “hell no” and your heart may break, but at least you’ll know.

Sivz in Shambhala, 2022

Banana Cam

In a press release shared by EDM.comsaid Sivz on the new single. “It’s my favorite release so far and a track I’m proud of. I was going for something a little more minimal at first, but when I found the female vocals that beautifully complemented the grimey male vocals, I knew the track was writing itself into something bigger. Crush is a perfect representation of my style that is somewhere between commercial and underground tech house.

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