Falcon & Winter Soldier Writer Explains The Origins of the Zemo Mask

Falcon and Winter Soldier writer Malcolm Spellman, explain where Zemo’s purple mask came from and no, it has nothing to do with Thanos.

The Falcon and the Winter SoldierLead writer and showrunner Malcolm Spellman, recently explained the origins of Zemo’s purple mask. the Captain America: Civil War the villain returns to MCU via the Disney +series. On his most recent outing, he teamed up with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to track down the new supply of super soldier serum used by Flag-Smashers.

Despite what he did to separate the Avengers Civil War, Zemo has a lot of knowledge of HYDRA and the Super Soldier Program, the heroes of the show have no choice but to get him out of prison for his help. While Sam and Bucky are especially careful about him not taking his side in the deal, Zemo is finally they were taken to Madripoor where they learned about Dr. Nagel – the scientist who successfully turned the serum into a super soldier. At this time on the island, the character is finally wearing his comic -accurate purple mask – something that was mocked during the official video of the announcement of his return to SDCC 2019.

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Since confirming that Zemo will provide the headpiece The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, rumors began about the importance behind it in the MCU. Some of the theories are positive that it was a tribute to Thanos for considering the color of its color, but the show’s lead writer dismissed that, explained. Unilad kana, “This is his history from when he was in the military, and who knows what else, but has nothing to do with Thanos.. “

Baron zemo's villain before the MCU made him a civil war

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealed more important information about Zemo, including the fact that he was an aristocrat, implying that he had money. Prior to this, he was known only as a Sokovian intelligence officer and a commander of an elite paramilitary tactical unit known as the EKO Scorpion, whose family died in the Battle of Sokovia. Given both money and skill, the of successful mission to destroy the Avengers Civil War more meaningful now. However, many more questions remain about the character’s history. Marvel Studios has never revealed its own story, confirmed by the ambiguous significance behind the mask that has resulted in theories about exactly where it came from.

Even with Spellman’s aforementioned comment, it’s hardly enough to explain why Zemo wore the mask. If anything, it raised public interest about his life before his debut Civil War. At the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he was done imprisoned on the raft with the promise that he would later return to the MCU again. Perhaps the next time he causes any future Marvel Studios project, a lot of information about the origins of the mask and himself in general will be revealed.

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