Fans Say Paul’s 3-Month-Old Son Is Not Like Him

Fans say Ethan doesn’t look like his father Paul. Some commentators have even shown that Paul is not the father and he needs a DNA test.

Karine Staehle from 90 Day Fiance recently shared a photo of her three-month-old son, Ethan, on Instagram. Many fans saw the image as very nice and observed that Ethan was not the same as his father Paul Staehle. Some think the couple’s second son is more similar to Karine, who recently started a new career. Keep in mind that francaise fanatics that Kentucky Paul has always had a troubled relationship with his wife. Their marriage shifted dramatically when native Brazilian Karine moved to the United States, and her husband failed to provide average living conditions.

When Karine became pregnant with her first child Pierre, Paul admitted that his wife had cheated on him several times. She said there was a possibility that Karine was expecting someone else’s baby. A similar thing happened when she became pregnant with their second son. Paul posted a video on Instagram and said he was made the father’s test for his sons. He was confident that he was the father of Pierre and Ethan but mentioned that he did not want to be surprised. The former 90 Day Fiance The star was supposed to reveal the outcome on the adult content website.

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Since March, fans have been waiting for the announcement of the results of the DNA test on his Instagram because many have not subscribed to his adult content. Today, Ethan is three months old, and Karine recently gave him a beautiful photo. In the photo, Ethan is very happy to look at while wearing a blue T-shirt. Karine wrote, “Happy 3 months!“Fans think Paul and Karine are a”hot riot, “but they make cute babies. However, some 90 Day Fiance fans commented that Ethan is not the same as his father. Check out the photo below (via @ 90dayfiancenow):

One fan asked, “why doesn’t dad Paul look like dad Paul ??“Some people think Ethan isn’t the same as Paul, so maybe he’s not the father. They leave comments like,”No. I think a DNA test might be necessary. They had to call Maury. “Another said,”Nothing looks like Paul’s complete stop. Not in the least, ” and “he’s not Paul ‘s son“However, some fans are saying that Ethan doesn’t have to be like his father to be his son. It’s like Pierre spitting on the image of Paul, and Ethan is the same as Karine. His nose, mouth, and other facial features resembling his mother

Because Paul did so much about paternity tests for his sons and accused Karine of cheating, many fans wanted to know the results of the DNA test. Fans are especially interested to know the facts because this time around Karine’s two alleged girlfriends. The mother of two is accused of cheating on her husband and meeting a criminal in a hotel room. Another friend took a photo where Karine was breastfeeding Pierre while drinking beer. Paul and Karine did not respond to claims that a 90 Day Fiance fan page and continues to share photos of the lovey-dovey from Brazil.

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