Finding Your Identity in Jesus Christ

In Our Focus on Family Broadcast ”Finding Your Identity in Jesus Christ, ”Said Susie Larson,“ I think the enemy sees your potential before you do. How did he fight you in your childhood? His threat to you is connected to your threat to him. But if we live in response to God’s love, it can change everything. It gives us the power to stand strong and be who God always intended us to be. ”

When Susie was 9, she was attacked by her brother’s friends. Since then, he has been confused about who he is. A pit of uncertainty opened up in his life and filled him with self-hatred, fear, and anxiety.

Eventually, he understood that he was from God and would in the future return to Him. He also discovered that God is not too small for big things and not too big for small things. By following a resurrected Savior, he can dare to ask God to do amazing and impossible things in and through him. She asks him to serve Him in ways that seem small and small but it doesn’t detract from him.

I encourage you to join us for our program YOUR local radio station, onlineon Apple Podcastsby Google Podcastsor take us with you to ours free phone app. Susie shares how to find your identity in Christ and then walk through His plans for your future.

Susie is a popular radio talk show host, a nationally renowned speaker, and author of 19 books. One of his latest devotional titles, Supremacy: 365 Days of Endurance Strength through the Word of God. If you can be special to join us through our monthly “Family Focusing Friends” program, I’ll send you a copy of Susie’s BOOKS as a way of saying thank you for touching others with the love of Christ. You will also receive member -exclusive benefits. To make your vow, or for more information, visit our website or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

If you are having difficulty traveling and would like to speak to someone, please give us a call. We have friendly staff here who are ready and willing to listen to your concerns and pray with you. If your situation requires it, we still have one of our caring, Christian counselors to call you back.

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