Finn Wittrock Cast as Green Lantern Guy Gardner in the HBO Max Series

Beware of his freakin power, Finn Wittrock with the energy of Guy Gardner. the American Horror Story The actor was chosen as one of the leading bearers of the ring HBO Maxupcoming DC Extended Universe series Green lantern.

Coming from executive producer Greg Berlanti (he’s on The CW’s Arrowverse) and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith (The LEGO Batman Movie), Green lantern is said to have different incarnations of the title character from across the galaxies – and throughout time. It makes sense to give the Green Lantern character legacy, as comics often have multiple characters wearing the Power Rings of the Green Lantern Corps.

Wittorck will play Gardner, an avid fan-fan known for a parody of traditional American machismo, for a part of the story set in 1984. The Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max described the character as “a heavy mass of masculinity, and, as the comics do, a mixture of 1980s-hyper-patriotism. And yet, somehow Guy wants it.”

One thing that fans will definitely notice right away is that no matter how masculine and likable Wittrock is, he’s definitely not a redhead. Since he was first introduced in 1968, Gardner has been described as having red hair, a useful follicle selection that reflects his hot -headed nature. Wittrock has the flowing black locks of an archetypical American pretty boy; will fans accept a darker -haired Gardner, or will HBO Max and WB go the dye and hair route?

It’s been a long time Green lantern Readers should also welcome a whole new character added to the myths, as Gardner is said to have partnered with a re-created character series named Bree Jarta. Jarta is half alien, half human Parol raised on a planet more advanced and enlightened than Earth. As such, he resents his human heritage, making his pairing with an selfish person like Gardner all the more frustrating.

Also part of HBO Max’s Green lantern the series will be the original Lantern, Alan Scott. In his story that takes place in 1941, Scott encounters a prototypical FBI G-Man who also hides his sexual orientation. There are rumors that other GL favorites like Kilowog, Sinestro, Jessica Cruz, and Simon Baz will also be part of the series. Berlanti and Grahame-Smith co-wrote with Marc Guggenheim (The CW’s Arrow and the theater in 2011 Green lantern bomb).

DCEU has further plans to expand on HBO Max. Matt Reeves is reportedly working on a spin-off of him always delayed The Batman centered on Gotham City Police Department, while that of John Cena Peacemaker head the a The Suicide Squad spin-off. There are also skulls that JJ Abrams is trying to do Justice League Dark work.

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