First Actress to Appear Nude on SNL

Last weekend, Kacey Musgraves serves as guest music for Saturday Night LivePremiere of Season 47. For his first show of the night, he played “Justified” armed with an acoustic guitar and nothing else. It turns out that not only was he naked, as many artists do to follow FCC regulations, but he was completely naked and strategically imposed his body to get away – making him the first artist to do so. SNL.

First of all, it is important to clarify that Musgraves did not throw on his clothes with no reason to emphasize. Star-Crossed. While he was fully dressed for his rendition of “Camera roll” on SNL, he chose to strip for “justified” as a reference to honor Forrest Gump scene where Jenny (played by Robin Wright) starts on stage with the nude “Bobbi Dylan.” Musgraves though tweet a moment in that movie trailer to get the connection for anyone who didn’t immediately get it.

In a recent conversation with different, Musgraves’ publicist confirms the musician has fully studied the spine SNL show “She’s Naked,” as the public. “Careful is done, and this is the first time this has happened on the show.”

Reddit users who said that at the costume rehearsal claimed that “people were gathering [Musgraves] with plenty of towels to wrap him so he could get up and walk on stage. ”Another listener said Musgraves was protected by“ a movable wall ”before the“ fair ”performance and, after he played the song, the same wall was restored as he wore a towel. o bisti. If talking to different, the singer’s representative confirmed that Musgraves was protected from the crowd with a sheet before and after the performance.

Looking at January, musgraves start a Tour the US to support Star-Crossed, with support from King Princess and MUNA. You can get tickets at future dates HERE.

Saturday Night Livethe next stage will be governed by Kim Kardashian-West and featured Halsey as a musical guest. Other upcoming episodes will feature Rami Malek with Young Thug and Jason Sudeikis with Brandi Carlile.

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