Flex-N-Fly Makes the Travel Convenience Essential You’ve Been Missing

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Have you ever experienced airport anxiety? Not just about gates and timing, though, but about tight spaces, keeping essentials handy, and a general fear of your well-organized routine falling apart?

Well, before you freak out, it turns out that you and I aren’t the only ones experiencing this. In fact, eliminating stress at the airport and helping to maintain health while traveling is the reason why Flex-N-Fly was invented.

“Bridging the gap between travel and health,” is how the brand describes itself on its website. Their most popular products – the minimalist travel bags and cushioned travel mats – do exactly that.

Created to help travelers “discover their inner sanctuaries” before, during, and after trips (or, you know, road trips, work trips, and maybe even vacations in the family), Flex-N-Fly’s mats and bags are lightweight, unisex, and ultimately: Functional. They are intended to help take some questions (Where do I put my cards? My phone? Can I take a yoga or Pilates mat with me?) out of the equation completely.

Below, learn more about some of Flex-N-Fly’s amazing products, take a deep breath, relax, and maybe grab a few more items ahead of your next long weekend getaway.

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