For Mother’s Day… A Tribute to The Adventure of a Lifetime


An article in Slate described the confusionThat happens when you adapt to a particular life-changing event:

“Mornings aren’t meant to be the same.”

“There’s an issue with lack of sleep.”

“You’re perfectly adapted to your surroundings.”

At length is not, really, about new mother; it’s about living in space.

We were amazed at how shooting in the outdoor space was the same as the whole experience of bringing a new baby home… and after raising that child while sleepless, responsibilities every hour, and unexpected communications from mission control.

Mother / outside empty… potatoes / potahto. How are they similar, you ask? Here are some real quotes from the astronauts:

“That’s how it started a gorilla expelling you and then you will be thrown off a cliff. ”

Or as the world knows… natural childbirth.

“Right after we launched, I knew all those years of training were useless.”

Also known as the terrible two.

“Your muscles need to learn to move in ways they haven’t before.”

Muscles, what muscles?

“Running almost five miles per second, you know not to include interfering light or darkness with‘ day ’or‘ night ’

One word: colic.

Your brain needs to slow down so that your body is upside down in different orientations – up, sideways, horizontally.

Have you ever tried to share a bed with a child?

What is very clear and like science fiction has become commonplace and routine. ”

Except for the part about making lunch… forever.

The “Hot shower” is a sponge bath.

Wait… they have hot rain in space?!.

“‘ Breakfast ’is food like oatmeal or stuffed eggs in a foil pouch, dried in water until hot water is added, which you suck through the straw.”

Or dinner is the last drop of pureed sweet potato rubbed from the bottom of the jar.

“Going to the bathroom is pretty hard.”

And you are never alone.

“On average, astronauts on the ISS [International Space Station] will only take about six hours to sleep. “

Six hours… hahahaaaa.

“You miss the physical contact of resting in a bed while sleeping.”

As opposed to physical contact holding a small person while sleeping in an upright, upright position.

“NASA is working on a couple studies on how to improve sleep conditions for those living in space.”

Are there any achievements for crib occupants?

“You just rely on caffeine.”

See “sucking through a straw,” above.

It’s amazing how it relaxes.

Um… that’s not all in our experience.

Finally, there it is: “The visions are so beautiful and amazing, it doesn’t seem to be real. I think we all spend a lot of time trying to take that into pictures. ”

In other words: “Not as different as life on earth afterwards.”

Whatever planet you celebrate – Happy Mother’s Day!

Continuing Mother’s Day:

The kids of our bloggers are excited to fill it outrememberwith their mothers in honor of Mother’s Day. Try it with your family; Your child’s answers are sure to catch the pulses of your heart – and make you laugh out loud!

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As a writer and blogger, I have spent my career writing about the journeys, challenges, and exhilarating differences of adapting work, life, and parenting. I am a mother of two grown daughters who now live in Massachusetts with my husband, two cats, and endless homeowner responsibilities.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published by Bright Horizons’ Benefits of the Job blog and reprinted with permission.

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