Former Bachelorette New Zealand Star Tavita Karika Dies at 31

The entertainment world has lost a rising star.

David garlic, who appeared for the first time in New Zealand The Bachelorette and Heartbreak Island, died at age 31.

The reality TV family of the character announced the sad news earlier this week on online fundraising site Givealittle.

“With a heavy heart we announce the death of our friend Tavita Antoni Karika,” a statement read. “On April 29, 2021 David breathed a sigh of relief and that is with our hearts. If you are happy to know David you will know how hard it is for his family, friends and everyone who loves him.”

At this time, it is not known what caused the star’s death.

In addition, David’s teammate is the same The Bachelorette and Heartbreak Island taken to social media to express their condolences.

“I can confirm that David passed last night around midnight,” Marc Johnson, Bachelorette The alum, told the New Zealand -based news outlet Things. “I can’t tell you if it was before or after because it was so emotional, and before I knew it it was four or five hours ago.”

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