Fortnite Leaker Claims Flare Gun Return & Weather Update Next Week

According to a well-known leaker, Fortnite will see the return of the Flare Gun and the first shown system update during next week.

FortniteThe next major update could be imminent, as a notorious leaker claims that the new system during the title and previously seen Flare Gun will be introduced to players in Chapter 3 next week , with the possibility of update 19.10. Epic Games are shown Fortnitenew weather and environmental impact during the overview trailer in Chapter 3, with the addition of lightning and tornadoes that will pull players into them and help them cross the map.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite was recently launched with new additions and new mechanics that change how the title is played free to play. Players can now go FortniteThe manifold map with a collection of new content including characters, cosmetics, and new game mechanics-like sliding and Spider-Man’s web-shooter; the latter allowing players the ability to easily cross Fortnitenew map and offers a more fluid experience than ever before. In addition, Epic Games introduces first-person mode on Fortnite for the very first time with a new weapon, and players can now use the long-requested fan feature.


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the Fortnite-dedicated content creator and famous news account, HYPEX, once again mocking the future of Fortnite with a new leak about Chapter 3. While Fortnite Chapter 3 just started last month, it appears that the title could receive the next major update with previously announced features to once again change the experience. Posted on Twitter, HYPEX admitted that Fortnite will receive the first featured update of the season with the return of Flare Gun from Chapter 2 next Tuesday. While unconfirmed, the leaker has long been a well-known source and has also announced the possibility of the next major title update, 19.10, which will bring many more unannounced new features.

In addition to the Flare Gun and weather system coming next week, HYPEX recently claimed that the snow that covers half of the map in Chapter 3 will begin to melt this Friday, January 7 and will have six different episodes. before completely disappearing and reveals the return of the Tilted Towers. If appropriate, Tilted Towers could be a new Point of Interest location in Chapter 3 Season 2, as the meltdown is likely to last until the end of March, the same month that Season 1 officially ended.

FortniteThe latest chapter is off to a good start and the addition of Flare Gun and the weather system could benefit players looking for a deeper experience. If the leak is true then the new 19.10 update and Fortnite is not Chapter 3 additions may be closer than expected, so players can expect an official announcement from Epic Games in the coming days.

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Fortnite available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

Source: HYPEX/Twitter

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