Forza Horizon 5: Where to Find the Lion Mural

In Forza Horizon 5, players must find a photo of the Lion Mural in Playa Azul in Mexico to complete the Herding Cats Photo Challenge.

on Forza Horizon 5, Players should look for the decorative lion mural if they hope to complete the Photo Challenge of Caring for Cats. The challenge moves players to find the mural in the town of Playa Azul, located near a beach on the East coast of Mexico. If players see the mural, they have to park a Jaguar car in front of it and take a picture. If players complete this task, they get the Cat Meow car horn and two points towards the opening of the Seasonal and Series prize cars. Players will need these points for Forza Horizon 5 New Year’s Eve, but it is only available in the summer of Series 3.


Players must first find the lion mural designed by artist Farid Rueda on the map to complete this challenge. It can be found in the coastal town of Playa Azul, located on the East coast. Once players already know where they need to go, they need to make sure they’re riding in a Jaguar car, like the Jaguar Sport XJR-15, one of the found in-game barns. Players can drive their Jaguar or take a quick trip to Playa Azul.

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To find the 1991 Jaguar Sport XJR-15, players have to start with Expedition to Horizon Wilds. Players will then find the barn with the car hidden inside during the mission. Even if the players miss the Forza Horizon 5 finding the barn while playing the mission, they can return to the barn later when the mission is opened. The Jaguar Sport XJR-15 is hidden in an abandoned barn at the airport, located in the Southwest corner of the map.

The Location of the Lion Mural at Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Lion Mural

With their Jaguar, players must travel the most Eastern road on the map passing through the town of Playa Azul. Players will know they are in the right location when they drive North on the road with the beach and some houses to their right. As they progress down this path, players will soon see a light-blue building to their left adorned with a large and multi-colored lion face painted on it. The building with mural on Forza Horizon 5 only visible after a small curve in the road. In addition, players can use Drone Mode if they want to find the location before driving into town.

Once players can see the brightly colored lion mural on the side of the building, they have to park their Jaguar in front of it. Once parked, players must enter photo mode, which is done by holding down the D-Pad using the Xbox Controller. When snapping a photo, players need to make sure their Jaguar and the lion mural are clearly visible in the frame. Next, players can press RB to take their photo. If done correctly, players will see Photo Challenge of Caring for Cats Horizon Promo screen requirements. For completing the challenge, players will receive a gold stamp and the Cat Meow horn to customize some car Forza Horizon 5.

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Forza Horizon 5 available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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