Frankie Cosmos and Lomelda Cover Each Other for Double Double Whammy Anniversary Compilation: Listen

New York indie label Double Double Whammy celebrated its 10th anniversary at 10 Years of Double Double Whammy, a collaboration with artists from the brand that comprises each other’s songs. Released on November 19. Listen Frankie Cosmos‘cover of Lomelda“Slide” and Lomelda’s cover of Frankie Cosmos ’“ Sad 2 ”below.

“I’m a fan of Lomelda,” Frankie Cosmos ’Greta Kline said in a statement. “Hana [Read]Singing isn’t fun, but he makes melodies that I’ve always wanted to sing. I chose to cover ‘Slide’ because it’s my favorite kind of song: short in length, while covering a lot of felt ground. ”

“I’m grateful for Frankie Cosmos’ songs, ”Lomelda’s Hannah Read added. “Greta wrote melodies that I couldn’t help but sing though, and all of a sudden I knew these words in my mouth that I was so happy I didn’t havin ‘to think about it.’ Sad 2 ‘was one. song about a dog and dating and dying. It’s a perfect (country) song. We had a lot of fun coming out of it our Lom way. “

10 Years of Double Double Whammy:

01 Gemma: “No Backpack” (Said on Slant cover)
02 Sean Henry: “Time on TV” (Flashlight O cover)
03 Mirah: “Around You (Free Cake for Every Cover Creature)
04 Katie Bennett: “Hex” (Lvl Up cover)
05 2nd grade: “Sugar and Spice” (Hatchie cover)
06 Palda: “Maisog” (Hovvdy cover)
07 Hovvdy: “Annie” (Cover in skirts)
08 The Glow: “Gum in Hair” (Sean Henry cover)
09 Said Slant: “Holy Fire” [ft. Florist] (Cover by Yowler)
10 Grandfather: “Bed” (Cende cover)
11 Long Beard: “White Light Doorway” (Flower cover)
12 Lomelda: “Sad 2” (Frankie Cosmos cover)
13 Frankie Cosmos: “Slide” (Lomelda cover)
14 The Farewell Feast: “Center” (Cover of Quarterbacks)

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